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Meet Emily Golus

Emily Golus has been dreaming up worlds since before she could write her name. Her first novel, Escape to Vindor debuted in 2017 and won the Selah Award for young adult fiction.

A New England transplant now living in the Deep South, Golus is fascinated by culture and the way it shapes how individuals see the world around them. Her fantasy works are filled with diverse and complex people who are unwillingly united in times of great danger.

Golus aims to write stories that engage, inspire, and reassure readers that the small choices of everyday life matter. In addition to her first two fantasy novels, Escape to Vindor and Mists of Paracosmia, she writes about world-building and what it truly means to be a storymaker. Read her blog at, and explore her fantasy creations here in the World of Vindor.