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Fortress of Alavar
Fortress of Alavar

Courage, Service, Loyalty

Megan lifted her head. There, less than quarter of a mile away, stood a great white castle with twelve towers gleaming in the afternoon sun. One long white spire reached up into the sky, just as she’d always pictured it.

Race: A mixture of many of Vindor’s people

Location: A palace on a grassy plain in southern Vindor, near the Selk Cliffs and equidistant from the centaur city of Mauritius and the Tsuru city of Shido.

The many-towered palace of Alavar stands as a beacon of hope for all of its peoples. It is home to Selena, the remarkably young yet wise Guardian who heads Vindor’s cooperative council and protects its people without partiality. Accompanied by her centaur companion Nikterra and the brave soldiers of the Palace Guard, Selena travels throughout Vindor, addressing threats such as rampaging dragons, invading goblins, warring political factions, and even natural disasters. A brilliant strategist with a compassionate heart, the girl guardian has the wit and wisdom to outsmart monsters and find solutions to seemingly unresolvable problems.

The marble palace and its surrounding structures are home to several hundred people. It is a kind of melting pot for Vindor’s people, as humans, centaurs and even occasional elves come to join the Palace Guard, or serve as cook staff, maintenance staff, and more. Some come looking for adventure, while others come looking for a new life, and many never leave, raising families there. The mingling of diverse peoples and the unique perspective of those dedicated to serving all of Vindor has resulted in it forming a kind of culture of its own.