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Virtue, Justice, Order

Strength of the body fades with youth, but strength of character is a laurel worn into old age.

Race: Centaur

Location: Port city of Mauritius (Southeastern Coast)

Civilization: A sprawling seaside city with an elected Senate

Physical characteristics: Fair skin with blond or brown hair. Their horse halves tend toward whites, creams, and grays.

Living in a gleaming white city by the sea, the citizens of Mauritius believe that fair laws, virtuous leaders, and personal discipline can bring about harmony and happiness for all. Mauritian centaurs tend to approach everything from a logical standpoint, and will argue for what is good and right to make their point.

Though the bustling city has an elevated class of wealthy Senate members and politicians, the Mauritians believe that rich and poor alike deserve fair treatment, and court cases for even the humblest of citizens often capture the attention of the whole city.

The Mauritians are skilled sailors, with especially large ships to accommodate their centaur proportions. They enjoy watching and participating in annual Olympic competitions—typically racing, discus throwing, and other sports in which personal excellence and discipline are on display.