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Freedom, Kindness, Poetry

They call us vagabonds and pity us for having nowhere to lay our heads. But they do not see—the waves are our cradle, and the starlight sings us to sleep.

Race: Merfolk

Location: Open sea

Civilization: Wandering family groups united under a single leader (always a queen)

Physical characteristics: Fair skin with curly hair—light brown is most common. Their smooth rubbery tails end in stiff, dolphin-like flukes.

Calling themselves the Free Folk, the Arions breathe air and spend their entire lives at the surface of the ocean, suspended between the sea and the sky. Twenty to thirty Arions will live together in a group as dolphins do, but all Arions share a rich storytelling tradition and are always willing to swap tales and poems with neighboring groups.

The Arions have no settlements and no possessions besides the occasional trinket. But with the mysteries of the ocean beneath them and the endless starry heaven above them, they consider themselves the richest of all Vindor’s peoples.