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Dignity, Courtesy, Romance

And who has ever seen a Loray truly at home? Their underwater city, they say, is beyond imagining, and no tales of it can ever be confirmed.

Race: Merfolk

Location: Deep underwater somewhere off Vindor’s southern coast.

Civilization: A single city ruled by a monarch.

Physical characteristics: Pale skin, large dark eyes, and straight dark hair. Loray tails are flexible and covered in smooth, silvery scales.

Mysterious, beautiful, and otherworldly, the Loray exist almost in a sphere of their own. These dark-eyed mermaids and mermen are the only merfolk in Vindor that can actually breathe underwater, thanks to gill-like structures beneath their rib cages. They do, however, have rudimentary lungs, and can breathe air if necessary for stretches of time. Their underwater city, Anquilla, is rumored to be quite advanced, though no other peoples of Vindor have ever seen it.

Some Loray mermaids are rumored to have siren powers—that is, the ability to enchant male sailors and lure them into danger. Most Loray avoid coming to the surface, however, so this is unconfirmed.