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Knowledge, Equality, Progress

If N’gozi is the crown of the Empire, the Great Library is the jewel. Twenty thousand books and scrolls, daily lectures on every topic under the sun—this is where you’ll find the brightest minds in all of Vindor gathered.

Race: Human

Location: Earthen cities throughout the Western Woods

Civilization: Democracy. A cluster of cooperating cities, ruled by elected councils.

Physical characteristics: Ebony skin, dark eyes, dark textured hair. They tend to be the tallest of Vindor’s human peoples.

The Dembeyans are Vindor’s scholars, proficient in science, mathematics, history, agriculture, astronomy, and more. They have multiple written languages as well as an advanced drum code for communicating messages over long distances. Even the patterns on a citizen’s brightly colored robe communicates information about their status, their profession, their family and more. Workers in N’gozi’s Great Library, however, wear pure, unpatterned white—for they have given up their identities in the pursuit of knowledge.

The Dembeyans’ earthen cities are Vindor’s most culturally advanced, and they have established its only true democracy. A king technically presides over the elected council in the capital city of N’gozi, but since his services are not needed, his whereabouts are now unknown.