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Bravery, Community, Tradition

Stoke the fire and pass the mead, and I’ll tell you many a dauntless deed.

Race: Human

Location: Forest of Adræfan (East Vindor)

Civilization: Independent clans living in camps scattered through the forest. Tribal leadership is passed down through families.

Physical characteristics: Pale skin, various eye colors, brown and red hair most common. Middle age people and older tend to be heavy around the middle (probably because of a nearly all-meat diet).

Skillful hunters in the forest who love a good meal and a good story, the Huntsmen believe there’s more in the whispers of the woods than what meets the eye.

Each Huntsmen clan has its own name (e.g, Greyhawk, Otterclaw, Houndsfang) that reflects their distinct traditions and preferred hunting method. Though they live for the glory of the chase, daily life in their close-knit communities is devoted mostly to survival. Men spend their energy planning and executing hunting trips, while women sew clothing and tents out of hides and tend the fires (women Huntsmen are technically called “Ember-Keepers”).

Meals are a community affair—individual families do not eat by themselves. Lore is passed down orally through exciting tales and chant-like poems.