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Fairy Folk
Fairy Folk

Wildness, Natural Beauty, Amusement

These woods grow ever more wild and wild. They are no place for a human child.

Race: Elves and Pixies

Location: Forest of Woodshea (East-Central Vindor)

Civilization: Rather disorganized. A single monarch keeps loose order.

Physical characteristics: Elves average 2 to 4 feet tall and share the physical characteristics of the natural entity they inhabit (tree, river, etc.). Pixies vary in size from a few inches to a couple of feet; some are winged and others are not; some are beautiful and others have exaggerated or ugly features.

The mysterious forest of Woodshea is home to a disunified mix of Elves and Pixies. The kingdom is under the partial control of Amadrya, a powerful Elf queen who through a kind of magic is able to impose order—but only within the borders of Woodshea itself.

The Elves are highly nature-oriented and rather aloof. Known types include Water Elves (who inhabit streams, lakes and rivers), Wood Elves (trees), Green Elves (areas of plant growth, such as clearings, meadows, and groves) and Earth Elves (very rarely seen; inhabit hills, valleys, etc.)

Pixies are a lower order and much more physically diverse. Their major duty is to help things grow by pruning and clearing away dead things; however, many tend towards mischief and chaos if they have the chance.