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Power, Cunning, Domination

The goblins told our Kavannan fathers that they were willing to accept our terms. We sent our delegates—thirty of our best warriors and leaders—to work out the treaty. The warriors were found two days later, slashed to ribbons—there must have been three hundred goblins waiting for them. There were no survivors to tell the tale.

Race: Goblin

Location: Underground in the Skraggs Mountains

Civilization: Unknown.

Physical characteristics: Green or brown skin with unusually large eyes. They reach 3 to 4 feet tall, and have pointed ears, elongated nostrils in place of a nose, and are completely hairless.

Goblins are subterranean creatures built for a dark, cramped world with little light. Nothing is known about the inner workings of goblin society, except that they have a very active and aggressive military. They conduct regular raids of nearby peoples—the Kavannans in particular—though what exactly they want is unclear, since they cannot abide sunlight and seem to dislike fresh air.

Do not engage with goblins. Even injured or seemingly friendly goblins are likely to be putting on a show in order to deceive and attack. For your own safety, never trust anything a goblin says.