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Honor, Duty, Inner Peace

Beneath the tranquil surface of the river flows a mighty current. So it is with the spirit of the wise man.

Race: Human

Location: River Plains (southwest Vindor)

Civilization: A hierarchy of lords, peasants, and samurai, plus an independent middle class.

Physical characteristics: Pale or tan skin, dark eyes, red-brown and brown hair. Naturally black hair is considered most beautiful but is rare.

The land of the Tsuru is a land intimately connected with water. Two of Vindor’s major rivers, the Blackwater and the Ember, come together in the grassy plains and meander their way toward the sea, regularly overflowing their banks and creating the perfect environment for growing rice and catching fish. The Tsuru take as their symbol the beautiful crane, at home in the water as well as the sky.

Vast rice plantations are owned by an elegant class of nobles, who hire samurai warriors to protect themselves and the peasant farmers who work their land. Rival families regularly challenge one another and compete for territory, but instead of war, many opt to have their samurai fight one another in ceremonial competitions for honor and glory.

Those who grow tired of the feudal system—and this sometimes includes nobles as well as peasants—often escape to the bustling city of Shido, Vindor’s trading capital located at the confluence of the rivers. Here, family pedigree matters little, and one can earn a name and a comfortable life through hard work, inventiveness, and shrewd deal-making.