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Patriotism, Bravery, Independence

In the valley you’ll find us, the wild wind behind us,
For love of her rich earth her brave sons have died,
Though all Skraggs assail her, our blood will not fail her,
Live on, golden valley—the Weaver’s own pride!

Race: Centaur

Location: Kavanna Valley (East-central Vindor)

Civilization: Farming villages with elected councils; leaders from multiple villages unite to form an influential Valley Council.

Physical characteristics: Medium-brown skin with dark eyes and black hair, with horse-halves that tend to be chestnut, bay, and black. Both male and female Kavannans tend to be physically strong, thanks to hard labor on the farm.

Though it lies in the shadow of the ominous Skragg Mountains, the beautiful valley of Kavanna provides springs of pure water and fertile soil—the perfect home for anyone willing to work hard to enjoy its riches. The no-nonsense Kavannan centaurs spend their hours plowing their fields, tending their orchards, building homes, and turning giant millstones, all using their own physical strength instead of relying on labor-saving machines or tools.

The Kavannans are a proud and fiercely independent people. While individual villages are still the basic societal structure, the constant threat of goblin invasion from the Skraggs has caused them to form a Valley Council to make military decisions. The Kavannans are especially deadly with the longbow, and their military successes against attempted goblin invasions has further bolstered their national pride.