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Freedom, Independence, Artistic Expression

The meadowlark will not sing in a cage. Give me open sky and wind in my hair, and the songs I’ll sing will light your dreams.

Race: Human

Location: Open grasslands of Gavgal (northwest Vindor)

Civilization: Independent (and often warring) clans, ruled by cunning chieftains and chieftainessess

Physical characteristics: Caramel brown skin, dark eyes, dark wavy hair. They are a slender and wiry people accustomed to running and walking.

Children of the wind and open sky, the Nomads wander the well-watered grasslands of the northwest. Unwilling to give up their mobility even to grow crops, Nomad clans travel through Vindor’s northern plains in covered wagons, finding fresh pasture for their horses and goats.

Dance, music, storytelling, and artistic craftsmanship are a source of pride for men and women of all ranks and roles. They spin and dye wool into colorful clothing, and their small wagon homes are often covered with intricate carvings and beautiful cloth.

Nomads hold onto their traditions fiercely and yield to no one, which causes many conflicts and even battles between different clans as they compete for pastureland.