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Ipktu Goblins
Ipktu Goblins

Compassion, Courage, Brotherhood

I finded the Pit, where they throw Slashers who don’t want to fight, and goblins who disobey the Masters, and the ones the Masters think are dangerful. … I stealed them.

Race: Goblin

Location: Vrith Emnar mountains, in a lower level of the Rikean city of Elnat

Civilization: Ragtag tribe led by a single king

Physical characteristics: Green or brown skin with unusually large eyes. They reach 3 to 4 feet tall, and have pointed ears, elongated nostrils in place of a nose, and are completely hairless.

Natives of the barren Skragg Mountains, goblins are subterranean creatures built for a dark, cramped world with little light. For many years, all that was known about goblin society was its aggressive military that attacked nearby peoples, the Kavannan centaurs in particular.

It’s recently come to light, however, that goblin society is actually more complex than its belligerent exterior. An oppressed underclass has tried—and failed—to overthrow their iron-fisted Masters.

A small band of refugees has since escaped to Vrith Emnar, where they have become important allies of the Rikean people. Their fledgling settlement, called Ipktu after an old legend, has become Vindor’s twelfth and newest nation. The brave goblin escapees often return to the Skraggs to rescue others from slavery, vowing to leave no oppressed brother or sister behind.